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Who We Are

Green is more than just a colour. It symbolises the young, the ability to stay fresh, to keep growing and continuously moving ahead. This perfectly describes the creative minds behind Greenbag.  For us, “Education is the greatest gift for every child”, thus we’re dedicated in giving you the most evergreen educational products, with a focus on uniqueness, quality, and excellent customer service.

We believe that it is vital for parents to support the learning that happens in school settings at home as well. In our view, the connection between what is learned at school and what takes place at home, is the key component for a child’s progressive cognitive development. This is what drives us at Greenbag, to assist you in providing green educational products that can be both fun and beneficial for your little ones’ growth.

We believe every child deserves to be given the best opportunity in building their characters while experiencing an amazing childhood and thus when it comes to your children’s well-beings, Greenbag is the easiest and most reliable way to provide those experiences.

We hope you love our products as much as we love offering them to you. For more information, do contact us:

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